Thursday, December 31, 2015

A week's worth of homeschool lunches

Don't get into a lunch rut at home, there are many combinations to make homeschool lunch hour a tasty one!

Dried mango with honey and peanut butter on graham crackers; salad with cheese and chia seeds.

Venison sloppy joe on lettuce; dried fruit & granola

Chicken and Black Bean Vegetable Stew

Wild rice with peanut butter quesadillas

Cauliflower tots/bites (breaded with egg and baked) with chopped tomato & carrot sauce, cucumber, muenster cheese, and Apple chips we dehydrated overnight with some applesauce. I love Dei Fratelli Truly tomato in a box... It comes pureed with carrot and celery, and we can use it just like ketchup!

For more, see my tag for homeschool lunches. :) Blessings!

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