Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A week's worth of homeschool lunches

I try to keep our lunches simple, but nutritious. I love that home educating affords us the freedom to reheat leftovers, and also to go straight to the plate. We don't have to spend the money on "convenience" foods that will be "lunch-able." We don't need to buy sandwich bags in bulk. And I don't have to worry about half the items going to the trash from distracted lunch room eating. Bonus? Whatever scraps we do have, go to our chickens, and provide further fresh eggs from our backyard, going back into the family.
It's not something I set out to do; it wasn't a reason in our education choice. Oh, but what a beautiful benefit. We have the freedom to enjoy breakfast foods at lunchtime, or dinner, or whatever we want. I can make sure our kids are getting all the protein, calcium and nutrients their growing bodies need, and we can save at the pocketbook. I often try to take a smaller portion of whatever we ate for dinner the night before, and easily incorporate it into lunch the next day just by adding different sides or changing combinations.
So here is another week of homeschool lunches, I hope you find them surprisingly simple and inspiring. God Bless!

Homemade pizza with fresh Amish mozzarella cheese

Honeycrisp apple, cucumber and chicken salad with sourdough bread

Bell peppers and blue corn chips, cottage cheese with blackberry, oranges and celery

Egg wraps, yogurt squeezers on sale, carrots, grapes and lettuce

Refried beans on romaine lettuce, tomatoes and baguette.

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