Saturday, September 24, 2016

10 Plagues, Red Sea Day

We collaborated with some of our dear friends for a totally awesome day of the 10 Plagues of Egypt, including crafts, games, snacks and coloring pages. Paper hole punch confetti for lice, bubble wrap colored red for boils, ice cube hail and more. It was a wonderful day of Bible history. We also had terrific visuals for the kids for Moses' parting of the Red Sea!

Exodus 12:37, "The people of Isra’el traveled from Ra‘amses to Sukkot, some six hundred thousand men on foot, not counting children."
We had a blast dancing to all the really fun Passover songs out there! I will share more on our ULB post. Here was one of our favorite ones:

The following week after our 10 Plagues day, we made homemade Seder Plates with the kids using some plates I found at Goodwill and paint markers.

It was wonderful!! Throughout our Passover and Unleavened Bread observances, including Feast of First Fruits, we really enjoyed celebrating our Messiah!

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