Saturday, September 24, 2016

Homemade Seder Plates

With a great Goodwill find of separated plates and a ton of paint markers, we had the kids decorate their own Seder plates for Passover. It worked perfectly! Just baked them in a low temp oven for 30 minutes after to set the paint. They had so much fun, and it was wonderful to have them later in the week when we worked through our Messianic Family Haggadah, by Janie-Sue Wertheim.

When my husband got home from work, he led the kids in a really fun, hands-on, memorable devotional with smashing tomatoes. He got the idea from Tim Shoemaker's awesome book, "Smashed Tomatoes, Bottle Rockets and other Outdoor Devotionals you can do with your kids"
The kids got to smash the tomatoes all over the driveway, and then talk about how even when we mess up, God can still use us for great things! The verses were focused on when Moses murdered an Egyptian (smashed tomatoes), and what God did through him (freeing all His people from bondage)! Then we had a giant pot of homemade chili outside, which requires... you guessed it! Delicious smashed tomatoes!

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