Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Week in the Life of our Homeschool

Highlights from our Homeschool week:

We hosted an impromptu "God Created Earth Day" with some of our homeschool friends. It was such a beautiful day for it!! We did activities around the 3-R's, read from our Apologia's Exploring Creation with Botany Science book, and the kids planted trees, sunflower seeds and took home strawberry plants. It was wonderful.

After some morning school, we baked cookies (math measurements!) to take to our friends' house to play.

Cookies baked and ready, off and out the door to our friends' we go!

Hmmm, we may not always stop to smell the roses, but we DO stop to watch the magnificent hawk stop to grab his road kill lunch. God's amazing circle of turning tragedy into useful, not-wasted blessings.

Fun with friends

Wednesday was an awesome day. We had quality learning and chores, then the kids and I enjoyed some fun board game time. They get great math practice with counting the money in various combinations in Junior Monopoly, and good strategy-logic-sequence use with checkers.

Wednesday night, we noticed how awesome the moon was, and did some activities based on that, including the new Moon Journal we just started in our Nature book. Our Apologia Astronomy science also has some great lessons on the moon that we'll be touching back/following up on this week.

The kids read and did some math in the morning, then we headed over to our friend's house for coffee and a playdate. They each spent the night at different friends' houses Thursday night, and both had a fantastic time sleeping over with their friends! What a blessing we have with friends we hold so dear!

We had a blessed day at our homeschool co-op on Friday. One of the families brought their pony and horse for show and tell- the kids loved it!!!

I'm teaching a class on the book, The Secret Garden. This week we did some fun Robin crafts and activities while listening to the story and robin songs on my friend's phone. Additionally, we were to the part of the story where Mary found the key to the garden, so I brought in a dozen old, random keys for the kids to pick out their own from, and we made necklaces with yarn. We used some simple brown felt to make "earth" pockets for them to keep the keys in when they weren't wearing them. What a fun day!

Saturday was the perfect family day at home. We spent the entire day outside. My husband thawed and boiled down sap for maple syrup, and the kids initiated a Rock Hunt. They brought out all the materials we have on rocks and geology to the picnic table. We explored in the woods and they each picked two rocks from their day's collection to paint (their idea).

Can you find the chickens in this picture?? (Hint: at least 8, no more than 13) :)

In the afternoon, we planted more trees and all had a picnic in the yard on a blanket, reading books. My daughter had a tiny, tiny baby ladybug crawl on her hand and rest there for 10 minutes before flying off. It was so cute. Afterward, she ran inside to get her life-cycle of a lady bug model-set, and the kids played the different stages of a lady bug's life in the dirt into the evening. What a blessing this journey is! Hope you have a blessed week, too!

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