Monday, February 20, 2012

Week in Review: Valentines & Chainsaw Mishaps--never a dull moment!

We had some nice highlights through last week, including our homeschool group's valentine party and my daughter's badge award night for Girl Scouts. I was definitely treading the wheel, but we made it through the week and got a lot accomplished. It ended in a horrible scare, but through God's grace we are okay and continue to feel full hearts of gratitude for the journey God has us on.


Our homeschool group had a valentine exchange party and later that evening at Girl Scouts the girls all got their badges they've been earning. My husband came too, it was a great night. My daughter gave a special presentation for her "My Promise, My Faith" pin, which she had been working on for weeks and presented at AWANA as well. Afterward, we went out to celebrate as a family to the place of her choice-- she picked Big Boy, so we went out for milkshakes. It was a great family night. We were super proud of our girl, and her brother was too, he gave her a big hug and said, "good job, sister!!" :)


...what? giant blanket forts aren't what take up your mid-week mid-afternoons?? well, if not, they should be. ;)

More school, outdoor play (ha! capturing some oh-so-typical "non-harmonious" sibling moments, "MOM!!! She threw snow at me after I threw snow at her!!" Imagine that! LOL!), some "carschooling" (I made the best cd, I'll post about it soon), some free playtime with fellow homeschool friends, and finished up some errands.

Co-op day, our weekly homeschool learning cooperative. My daughter's friend came home with us after, for a quiet afternoon of play and to spend the night. We had mac & cheese with snap peas for lunch and then did pizza, popcorn and a movie.

Saturday morning I went to a wonderful sale of homeschool curriculum and enjoyed a moms time coffee day afterward.
Then, on Sunday, we had a horrible scare with my husband, involving a chainsaw accident that sent us to the E.R. for more stitches then I can count---it clipped his face and they had to sew his lip back together, EEK!! BUT all things considered we were VERY fortunate and blessed, it could have been so worse, we are very thankful for God's protection and that things weren't worse. Praise God!!! And we are so blessed, too, to have friends who literally carry us through such times with prayer. It was scary! He is currently needing to "eat" through a straw, but it will be healed up in no time and he should regain full feeling again. He's doing great for a guy who took a chainsaw to the face! Geez!!

So, here we go into another week, eh? Counting our blessings along the way!!!

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