Sunday, May 29, 2011

Highlights from our Homeschool Week

A glimpse in the life of our normal homeschool week.

Monday: We started out the week learning about natural disasters, specifically studying Joplin, Missouri and the tornadoes that devastated the area. We put together Animal Relief Kits to send to the animal shelter down there. You can read more about those activities in my Lessons from Natural Disasters post. That afternoon we headed out to the playground for our designated Monday playdate with my kids' friend Gabbie and her baby sister. We arrived early and as my son cat-napped in the car, my daughter and I enjoyed some books we keep on hand for "car-schooling" moments like these. My car-tote includes dry erase learning books, library books, flashcards, BrainQuest cards, etc.
Making a Tornado, see my Disaster Post for instructions.

Reading time in the car with my daughter while my son zzzzzzzzzz....

The Historical Society in front of the park, like many small local museums, has an enormous antique farmer's stump remover. We got a closer look before our friends arrived at the playground.

After our afternoon playdate, we headed to the library for an hour before my daughter's soccer practice. My daughter played computer games independently while my son did puzzles and searched I-Spy books.

We finished up the evening with soccer practice and my daughter's friend Chloe did this hilariously awesome super goalie kick. :)

Tuesday: Regular school work like math and reading, outdoor chores including gardening and chickens, followed by another afternoon playdate up north at our friend's house.

Wednesday: It was a rainy day, so we postponed our afternoon playdate and stuck with our school work. Currclick gave away an awesome free copywork notebook of the Winnie the Pooh story, "Piglet Meets a Heffalump," so my daughter worked diligently on that. She's working on penmanship and spacing, learning to stay in the lines with her letters and doing a terrific job. We read a great book about Amelia Earhart, one of my daughter's favorite historical heroines. It was about her night flight across the Atlantic Ocean, so of course we did further study on the Atlantic. She is also doing wonderfully on reading short Scholastic readers independently.

Thursday: We did a really fun unit study on Manatees, inspired by my daughter's latest issue of Your Big Backyard magazine. See my Manatee Moments post. We had fun trying to decide what to make the Manatee out of for our diorama, finally settling on a potato.

Friday: The Last Day Party of our weekly Homeschool Learning Cooperative before summer break. Classes start up again in the fall. We had an awesome first year and celebrated with games and treats with our friends. I ordered an adorable "Smart Owl" graduation cake for the occasion and we played carnival games before enjoying playground time. Afterward we kicked off the weekend by going as a family to see Kung Fu Panda 2 at the movie theater. Great times!

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