Monday, May 21, 2012

Highlights from our Homeschool Week

Warm May temperatures are filling our days with adventure. Here are some quick highlights from our regular routine, a "week in the life" of this homeschool family.

Fridays are our homeschool Learning Cooperative. During our spring trimester we have done unit studies, this season it was 5 weeks on the senses. We had guest speakers on each sense and then broke down into small group for related activities, games and experiments before playground time. It's been a fantastic trimester, we were blessed to have wonderful speakers and delightful families. Visiting throughout we had an eye doctor, a radio disc jockey, an aromatherapist, a culinary expert, and some fiber arts specialists who brought in various exotic fibers.

Friday Co-op

Over the weekend we did lots more work in our garden, planted the Sunflowers we started for our annual project (see my post Seeds, Thneeds and Planting Things for more on this and related crafts) and we started a unit study on Bears, gearing up for our trip to the Upper Peninsula... ironically it was the same day we actually had a live bear lose in our town that made it all over the news, what are the odds?


Regular school and then a fun Homeschool Movie Night with Dolphin Tale!


We enjoyed a wonderful day of schoolwork outside at the picnic table and did fun experiments from our Apologia science (melting chocolate with the sun through magnifying glasses!), went to the library and then to the playground for my daughter's girl scout meeting.


Magic Tree House Book Club


My husband got to ride his moped to work in town, which was an exciting rarity for him. He has been collecting, repairing, riding and selling vintage mopeds since he was a young teen. It's been a passion, hobby and side-business for him for 15+ years. I had some quality one-on-one learning with my son as my daughter went flower shopping and planting with grandma.


Co-op and afternoon playdate at our friends' house


Michigan Fiber Fiesta, we enjoyed with some close friends who came up to visit, and afterward we all went for a wonderful picnic and playground time. The later portion of the afternoon was spent back home around the yard, gardening, relaxing, running through the sprinkler and an interesting look at dragonflies catching evening bugs over at grandma's back porch. Hope everyone is enjoying May as much as we are!

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