Monday, December 6, 2010

Venison goodies

Today is my husband's birthday, so I've decided to blog something in his neck of the woods. It is his second year of deer hunting and he's been successful both seasons. He hunts for the meat, not the sport, but, as a camping/living-off-the-land lover, he is really enjoying the camping portion too, and takes a week off of work when firearms season opens to stay at a cabin with my mom's husband. The two of them are like 9-year-olds with red rider B-B's, and I'm happy my husband has another hobby he enjoys in addition to his vintage moped repairs.
In addition to the ground venison and steaks, he makes a wonderful venison summer sausage with a store-bought seasoning kit and also smokes venison jerky for 12-some hours in the outdoor smoker. We get about a dozen summer sausages over a foot long that make excellent Christmas gifts to friends and family. They are so tasty!

Here is the recipe for his jerky as well:
2 lbs flank steak
2/3 cup of soy sauce
2/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp. onion powder
2 tsp. Lawry's seasoning salt

Slice flank steak diagonally with the grain of the meat into very thin slices. Combine ingredients and marinate meat overnight or 12 hours. Drain excess and put the meat on paper towels to soak up extra marinade, squeezing as dry as you can. Rack pieces individually and heat in the smoker or in the oven at 140 to 160 degrees for 8 to 14 hours, until meat is dry throughout. (Leave the oven door slighly ajar during process). Store the finished jerky in an airtight container, it keeps for several months, but as anyone who makes homemade jerky will tell you, it's likely to be eaten by anxious family and friends far before that.

Last night we had dinner at my friend Stephanie's house and she made delicious meat, bean and corn quesadillas with canned venison, I'm hoping to get the recipe from her and with her permission I'll post that too, it was so delicious!

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