Monday, April 4, 2011

Smoked Chicken: Easy, Affordable and Delicious!

My husband is an excellent smoker. Of meat that is. He's never been a "smoker" like the kind outlawed in Michigan's public places. But when he fires up the grill and smokes a few whole chickens, it tastes good enough to probably be outlawed.
You can pick up a fresh, whole young chicken from the store for about $4. They turn out so well and make such excellent leftovers in everything from quesadillas to salads, we usually pick up a few at a time and share one with the neighbors, too.

After you rinse the chicken and remove the giblets (if any), pat it dry with a paper towel. Use an apple and/or onion (we use both) each cut in half to fit, as an aromatic in the chicken cavity. Salt and pepper the skin. Put in the smoker at about 300-degrees for 1-3 hours, until internal temp reaches 180-degrees. We use apple wood chunks from a local orchard to smoke them with. It's mouthwatering meat that melts off the bone every time. Yum!

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