Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mississinewa: Stepping back in time to 1812

Mississinewa 1812 is the largest War of 1812 living history event in the United States. It is literally like taking a step back in time 200 years to 1812.

British and American Military Encampments and battle reenactments, Indian villages and legends, hundreds of merchants demonstrating 18th Century arts, food and drinks, muskets, candles, soaps, clothing and entertainment, including an old fashion miming clown and a fire-swallowing performer who entertained us in the town square. Even life along the rivers and streams in 1812 was recreated in the longhunter, trapper, voyager, and wilderness camps along the river.

Experiencing Mississinewa is hardly describable. It stretched for acres. The hands-on learning was endless, and the people reenacting the period were happy to talk and teach the kids as we explored their camps, browsed their shops and enjoyed the period food. It was an awesome, historical day. Leading up, we touched on a few books, including William Bennett's "Children's Book of America", that included the story of the Star Spangled Banner, which was written during the war of 1812.

We'll be making reference to the battle reenactment and the entire of experience of Mississinewa 1812 as a learning tool for a long time.

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