Monday, March 12, 2012

From field trip to our backyard: Maple Syrup Memories

It's our second year enjoying a field trip to Blandford's Sugar Bush Tour with homeschool friends. Our first, you can read about in my post, "Maple Syrup Merriment", and this year, we took the fun even further home when my husband decided to tap our own trees with the kids. They went on a nature explore in the back woods to find more after tapping our giant backyard maple. They put up 3 five gallon buckets, and for how late in the sugaring season we started, they sure are filling fast with sap! It's been quite the adventure! Here are some fun pictures from our field trip and backyard adventures. And, since I couldn't find a worksheet online with the math problems I wanted, I created my own, so here is my homemade Maple Syrup Math worksheet, hope you enjoy! :)

Back at home, over the weekend...

Monday Morning Math with Maple Syrup Measurements :)

One Pint, One Quart, One Gallon... and one crazy monkey. :)

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