Friday, April 6, 2012

Kare Greenup: A soul we treasure; A time of need

If you've ever met Kare Greenup, you know. She is a soul to be treasured. You know those people? The ones who are walking kindness. She is one of them. Funny, sweet, and kind. Kind to animals, kind to plants, kind to children. And that kindness has, many times over, been showered on my children. She is my daughter's favorite teacher at our local nature center. Aside from field trips, my daughter has been blessed by numerous one-on-one days with Kare as they spend hours exploring everything from rocks to constellations.
Just two months ago, when my husband and I took the kids out to spend a winter fun day at the nature center and enjoy chili and snow-shoeing, this is a woman who, without a second thought or hesitation, took her own gloves off and put them on my daughter's hands, with insistence, simply because my daughter's mittens were uncomfortable, and then, insisted we keep them before we journeyed home. We met her husband, Scott, that day, and as my husband and her husband chatted by the nature center's fireplace, trying to keep the fire going, I remember thinking, "what an awesome couple, volunteering their time and just enjoying life, as it should be." Scott had been running some of the snow games out back that day for the nature center and he had to leave early because he had hurt his back.

We just found out Scott has cancer.

It's moving fast, through his liver and kidneys. He is getting a port in today to start chemotherapy.

We are praying. We ask that you pray, too.

Cindy at the nature center is working with Robinette's, the orchard Kare works at, to run a benefit at HCNC on May 6 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. with 100% of the proceeds going to Kare and Scott's medical bills. This is a couple who, may not "have much" in the form of fancy cars and piles of money... but in a non-money sense they are rich beyond words BECAUSE THEY LIVED LIFE THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIVED. Not with a focus on gaining material things, but with a focus on people, on relationships, on connections, on giving to others--whether it's the shirt off their back, or the gloves off their hands in the snow for a child--and caring for nature and loving the gift of God's planet. They put others first.

They've been a blessing to many, including my family.

They've been a blessing to many. It's time to bless them in return. My husband and I inked it on the calendar to cook the day of the benefit and donate what we can, but we're also collecting items for the benefit's silent auction. If you or your business have items you can donate to the cause, please let me know and I'll make arrangements to get them from you. You can also contact Cindy directly at HCNC to find out more ways to help, or to send money, or if you know a business that can donate goods for the auction, please call her at 616-675-3158.

Most of all, pray for Kare and Scott during this difficult time. Pray for healing, pray for peace, pray for comfort and God's hand.


  1. Sarah this is a beautifully well written letter about Kare/Scott. I have only known Kare for a year and I call her "My new best friend"! She and her husband have been a huge help, and they both are always so gracious in everything they do. I ask and she comes a running! Everyone please help us pay it forward, give generously to a couple that would certainly do the same for you. Also note May 6th the Pancake Breakfast starts at 9AM to 11AM - Silent Auction all day and a Spaghetti Dinner from 6PM to 8pm, 100% of proceed go directly to Kare/Scott

  2. This article captures the very essence of how we all think about Kare and Scott. I met her at her other place of employment (Robinette's Orchard) and over the years she has become near and dear to my heart. She's been a true friend, and greets everyone with a smile and a helping hand.

    Now it's our turn to reciprocate. I'm pleased to promote this event. I wish to shout out from the rooftops this is a couple who is more than deserving! Please attend and support this benefit - in return for all they have given.