Saturday, October 23, 2010


I remember participating in Book-It! in elementary school. You read so many books, or for so many minutes, whatever your reading goals are for the month, and you earn coupons for free pizza from Pizza-Hut.
I think it is so cool that the Book-It program is free for homeschool families to utilize as well. After registering, you select monthly reading goals for your kids (kindergarten can be read-to/read-aloud) and can redeem coupons for a 1-topping personal pan pizza.
Technically they ask the coupons not be redeemed as a group for pizza parties because of the large quantities, but one of the moms in our homeschool group called our local Pizza Hut and asked if they minded us doing a pizza party with them and they had no problem with it.
In public school, I remember us having reading time in school then getting a coupon to use later at home. It makes so much more sense to me to do the reading time at home, then celebrate the pizza reward together as a group for social time.
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