Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pinta, The Nina, & The Dial Soap Debacle

In 1492, Columbus sank to the bottom of the blue? The famous explorer would have if this homeschool mom was in charge of building the Santa Maria!
Not paying close enough attention to the directions in Gail Gibbon's wonderful book, "Things to Make and Do for Columbus Day," I simply grabbed 3 bars of soap from our linen closet to use for the soap sail boat craft. Yeah, I realized the moment the bar of dial soap plunged to the bottom of our bathtub that (duh!) we were instructed to use Ivory soap for a reason.
Oh well, the kids still had fun making them and even turning on the jets in our tub to simulate a storm. Poor Columbus didn't make it to the Indies or the Bahamas this October.


Other activities from Gail's book we did to observe and learn about Columbus Day:

Ate Tuna Salad sandwiches in honor of the salt-packed meat the sailors ate.

Shook various spices and herbs onto lines of glue on a picture of Columbus (got the picture here)

Among other activities, we also colored pictures of the ships (below), decorated homemade telescopes from paper towel tubes and let the kids play Columbus explorers.

1492 Poem

Columbus Cartoon


  1. Added a Columbus cartoon I just found: