Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Treasure Hunting, Archaeology and Unearthing Fun Discoveries

My kids have been treasure hunting in the fields and woods with their grandma recently. My mom has a metal detector and they've been unearthing random "junk" along with a few treasures (including some pre-buried items, like a Gold Dollar coin which subsequently sparked a new interest in Sacajawea for my daugther). Along with magnetism and electricity lessons, it has my kids excited about archaeology and continuing their interest in fossils as well. Here are a couple great websites geared toward kids about archaeology. Archeology Facts- Dialogue for Kids, is a great resource, as well as Archaeology for Kids, which has loads of games and activities like Dirt Detective, sending a buried message and more! As my kids get older, I plan to do more in-depth studies into archaeology as we study and learn all about Pompeii and other fascinating sites. The book, Hands-on Archaeology: Real Life Activities for Kids, is a wonderful resource I found and intend on using in a few years as we explore the science and adventure of underground discoveries.

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