Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahoy! Mermaid Pirate Party Extravaganza

For my daughter's 5th birthday, we threw a Mermaid Pirate party. It was a day to be treasured! For the invitations, my daughter put pirate invites into sandwich ziplock bags that she filled with sand and shells. We asked her friends to swim or sail to Mermaid Cove for the big day. For the decorations, we used aqua colored plastic tablecloths that I stripped into seaweed to hang in the doorway and hung on the windows to give the room a blue 'under the sea' tint.

We used pirate and mermaid plates, and for favors the boys got telescopes, eye patches and pirate pencils, the girls got colored hair braids to clip on, mermaid dolls, pencils and bubbles.

The cake was a hilarious disaster. It completely fell apart. So the kids just shook a bunch of stuff all over it and had fun. (Horrible cakes seems to be a 'thing' for me, see my son's Cowboy Birthday Hoedown from last year, lol!)

For the food, we did SHELLS and cheese with OCTOPUS hot dogs! We also served goldfish and whale crackers.

For games, of course we had a TREASURE HUNT! My husband dressed up as a pirate and led the kids on a backyard adventure... he read each clue as they found it and made the kids yell their loudest "RRRRRR"'s first. They all loved it! It was awesome.

For the treasure I filled a box we got for free with plastic gold coins, beaded necklaces and confetti. The kids got to divide it up and take it home.

For a second game we made up our own version of 'pin the tail on the donkey' and had the kids pin a jellyfish on the octopus.

Everyone, pirates & mermaids alike, had a wonderful time at Mermaid Cove!

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