Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thankful List, Thanksgiving 2011

1. Our Heavenly Father, who blesses me beyond my imagination, who makes time for me whenever I make time for Him, which I make sure to do, every single day.

2. My beautiful family: My hard working husband and 2 amazing kids, who I am blessed to serve and know.

3. My mother, the woman who has taught me all I know and who I am lucky to call my best friend and neighbor, and her husband, Kelly, who has unexpectedly been the answer to many prayers.

4. Our humble and blessed home, I am thankful every day for this roof over our heads. I truly love this house, it is our forever home and it is all that we could ever need and more. It is God's house and He graciously allows us to live here and open our home to others. How blessed we are!

5. Clean drinking water. Honestly. There are so many in this world who don't have it, especially in such abundance.

6. The means to make ends meet.

7. The path of home education. It is a road I never saw, and what a blessed road it is! I feel so privileged to be able to enjoy so much precious time with the children God has blessed us with and watch them grow, see them learn and experience their potential, their imagination, their childhood! I wouldn't trade it for the world. Every moment I get to witness their growing process, and it's already going by so fast. After we decided it was the educational option that would work best for them, which was not an easy decision to make, it still took me a while to feel comfortable embracing the amazing fact that I get to be there to see them experience life! What a blessed role! They only grow up once, and what an honor not to miss it. I wasn't expecting the experience of parenthood to include educator, but now that I'm here--wow, I am blessed. I don't have to trade out those moments. When they learn something new, when they ask thoughtful, curious questions, as we explore the world together, it's all worth it.

8. The world of home education. Oh how God has blessed me with some of the most amazing people I've ever known through the world of homeschooling. These women are amazing and I am blessed to call them friends, I am blessed to know them and their families---not only have I been blessed by friendship but my kids have been blessed by knowing and loving their kids. I am assured time and again, whether it's a good day of the co-op, a fun field trip, a packed roller skating rink, or a number of families finding use of the free books I help to distribute, that this is truly, my Calling.

9. The gift of the written word, both by my hand and by those who move or inform me with what they write.

10. My camera. So many moments captured that I am grateful for. I feel a warm appreciation that comes in focus as I focus on what I am capturing. Mental pictures are of value, too, but I appreciate the ability to make those cherishable moments last even longer.

11. The ability to appreciate my blessings. I may lose sight of them at tense moments of stress or frustration, but I am grateful those moments are few and far between and never last long---the perspective of gratitude is something to be cherished. I am grateful to feel and live and truly believe in Psalm 23 in the depths of my heart and soul.

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