Monday, January 16, 2012

Batman Birthday Bash

My son turned 3 last month, and we had a small superhero party to celebrate in Mid-December, a "Batman Brunch" giving some time to run around and play superheroes. Decorated with some Batman and Robin decorations, along with Mr. Freeze blue ice cream and cake, Superman Ice Cream and fruit snacks, and even "Cat Woman Claws" (Bugles). The kids all had a blast and dressed up like superheroes (with a new set of superhero dress-up clothes we got for my son---he was so excited to finally have a real Robin costume!) and of course as their favorite villains--my daughter was Poison Ivy--while we played various theme songs from Spiderman, Batman, Mighty Mouse, etc. And what would any good superhero party be without a "bad guy" to get?? We let the kids wrap up my husband from head to toe in toilet paper---it was a fantastic time, the kids thought it was great!!

Our cute little caped crusader had a SUPER heroic time! :)

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