Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dolphin Tale: Homeschool & Family-Friendly Delight!

Last Monday night we enjoyed a homeschool movie night with Dolphin's Tale, a wonderful family film based on the true story of Winter the dolphin. We saw it opening day in the theaters last September with 200+ area homeschoolers for Homeschool Movie Club and it was awesome. We love this movie!! It's heartwarming, educational and pays a great tribute to home education in the process. Wish there were more movies like this! We got the book, Winter's Tail, to go along with it.
Here are some awesome links, to Winter's Webcam, and the Homeschool Share's free lapbook on Dolphins. Here are the pictures from when we went to see Dolphin Tale at the theater for the Homeschool Movie Club last fall, which features great Dolphin Tale curriculum, too. And some books and puppets we got from the library just this week after our movie night in. ;)
Here is a sweet little clip from the movie about the girl being homeschooled. :)

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