Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strawberry Fields, Forever!

It's still MAY here in Michigan, and our glorious strawberry patch has been already spoiling us for over a week with a cup to 2 cups of fresh, delicious, ripe little strawberries each day! My kids are thrilled! For the past 3 years we can hardly get the kids to even swallow a store-bought strawberry anymore--after having fresh, organic, home-grown strawberries fresh from the garden--they know the difference in taste without a doubt. They munch them down almost faster than we can pick them. With how fast they eat them, I wonder if we'll ever have enough to freeze or jar for the winter? Given how large and lovely our strawberry patch is expanding every year, I certainly hope so. In fact, I hope we have it John Lennon-style... forever.
This morning I snagged out a book on Strawberry Plants from our basement library to read along with, making the kids' breakfast snack into a short (and sweet!) school lesson. Happy summer!!

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