Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 10 Essentials for Home Learning: My personal list

I was asked to write up my top ten essentials for home education. Here they are, in order:

1. God’s Grace
2. A Supportive Spouse
3. Library
4. Computer & Internet
5. Homeschooling Group
6. Craft and Paint supplies
7. Dry Erase Board
8. A car/mini-van
9. A Dedicated Space for Homeschool stuff
10. Local clubs, sports and extra-curricular activities

And number 11, as a wonderful bonus blessing, which should be near the top of my list but for which I never want to take for granted as I know how rare and wonderful it truly is...
The kids' grandmother, my mom, who has been a life-long lover of learning and teaching, able to gift to my children the wonder of various subjects especially in history and science, with strong roots in her faith and a committed loving relationship with her Creator.

If I can be so bold as to extend the list further, with non-essentials, but things that I personally find to make our homeschool journey a true treasured adventure:

12. Fun extra project kits and specialty equipment, such as Tin Can robots, Dig bricks for uncovering gems and dino-bones, butterfly kits, microscope, globe, etc. etc. I'd rather spend a little more of our budget on these things to enhance free or more affordable curriculum than spend too much on just the textbooks and risk losing the kids' excitement/interest. They are by no means essential, but make for a great bonus!

13. Our local Nature Center, filled with a trove of resources, guides and great people.

What are your top ten essentials? Share, please! I'd love to see what others list.

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