Wednesday, January 29, 2014

20 Simple Things you can do to Enjoy Another Snow Day with your Kids

Here in Michigan, we’re experiencing our third day in a row of closed schools and events due to extreme winter weather. Along with cabin fever, some parents, especially those who aren’t accustomed to having their kids at home with them during typical public school weeks, are struggling with staying sane and finding ways to occupy kids who aren’t used to being home all day. But the truth is, you don’t need to have shelves full of classroom supplies and curriculum on hand in order to have fun and enjoy these extra days with your kids at home. Here are 20 simple things you can do to enjoy yet another snow day with your children.

1. Make Sock Puppets.

2. The library is open! And free! Get out of the house for a bit, find new books to explore, and some craft & project books.

3. Bake a cake (WITH the kids).

4. Feed the birds. Make peanut butter feeders, or homemade suet cakes. February is National Bird Feeding month, gear up for the Great Backyard Bird Count by getting seed out there and practice identifying backyard birds.

5. ABC Hopscotch. For older kids, make it fun facts in science or geography that they have to answer to make it to the next square.

6. PLAY IN THE SNOW! Sledding, snowmen, forts, snowshoeing, coloring the snow… Some moms even bring the snow inside to the bathroom in tubs if it’s too cold outside for their littles.

7. Paint. For all skill-levels and abilities, using paper or other surfaces.

8. Make a homemade movie. Let the kids create their own script or show. If you have a video camera they can play with, use it. If not, they can create a set to perform a play, ballet, or, hey, even a puppet show (see number 1).

9. Hot Glue Art.

10. Color your clothes!

11. How Things Work? Declare an At-home Discovery Day.

12. Field trip to museum or area nature center.

13. Make Stone Soup!

14. Try a new Board Game. Or invent something new with what you have on hand, like this fun memory tray game. Or this consonant acorn game.

15. Have your kids learn a new hobby, and learn along with them if needed. Sewing, jewelry making, woodworking, scrapbooking…

16. Read or listen to the audiobook of Narnia, then go outside and pretend your backyard is a fantasy winter world.

17. Grab a globe, spin it. Pick a spot, wherever it lands, learn all about that country and culture for the day. Plan dinner around a new recipe of that cuisine.

18. Turn your living room into a giant blanket fort, and camp out. Blanket forts never get old.

19. Make a care-giving kit for a family in need. An elderly relative, a shut-in neighbor, or small toys and activities to send to third-world country orphans. You’d be surprised how occupying your day helping others transforms everyone’s attitudes in your house!

20. Create an indoor scavenger or treasure hunt. Hide clues around the house, or pick up a store-bought kit for the kids to unearth together. You can use it as a gateway to exploring adventures in archaeology.

Above all, enjoy the time you get to spend together! What are your favorite family activities or ideas to enjoy days at home with kids? Share adventures from your journey below! God Bless!

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