Thursday, January 13, 2011

Simple Sock Puppets for less

Pre-Christmas shopping in the craft section, I noticed "make your own sock puppet" kits, retailing for $20. It included 3 fuzzy socks and all the "fixin's" like google eyes, foam paper, string, puffs, etc. In other words, everything that any mom who ever does crafts with her kids should pretty much have on stock already, save for the fancy socks. Man, they really jack up the price on people who aren't naturally craft-inclined, don't they? I went over to the sock aisle, found fuzzy slipper socks on clearance, 4 pairs for $2 (making 8 sock puppets, instead of 3) and stocked up on normal crafts (in greater quantities than the kit gave) and put them together in a bag as a gift for my kindergartner and toddler to open, all the materials to make their own sock puppets for the bargain price of under $7. Oh, and another FYI- tops of cheap mop heads from the dollar store make great hair for puppets, too. We made some with my daughter's friend on a playdate after Christmas, and if I had bought the kit, that would have already been the end of the supplies. Thankfully we still have many more on the way. Here's my daughter's pink monster gal pal and my son's goofy zebra friend.

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