Monday, April 27, 2015

Highlights from our Homeschool Week

It is impossible to capture all of the moments of living and learning in a week. The tears, the laughter, the lessons. But here is a quick review of our home learning last week.

We share to inspire, we share to grow, and we share to platform freedoms in education and home life.

Hope you find joy in your journey, as you glimpse portions of ours.


"Grandma says to paint a mountain, you have to think like a rock, tumbling down it."


The mood for math beyond the page was upon us, and we happily embraced it. My daughter did equations on the couch and my son experimented with weight measurements on our school scale. We played some math games.

At lunch time, we delivered homemade messages of love to the retirement/nursing home community, and it was lovely.

From there, we went to our friend's house to play. What a blessed time celebrating birthday, enjoying baby ducks, riding bikes and drinking tea.


After chores and school, we held a prayer meeting at our co-op building with other homeschool families to pray about suggested legislation for Michigan homeschool families, in response to a horrible child abuse case. We prayed for the hearts of our leaders, the victims in this case, the families of our state and their devoted diligence in the raising of their children. We read through encouraging Scripture together to focus our eyes and hearts on God's design and plan. As insulting as it is to have our way of life targeted with something that has nothing to do with how we live and love, we continue to pray for compassion, action, and God's Will.


After chores and school, we spent the afternoon playing with friends--enjoying hide and seek, popcorn and fellowship.


Nature day! The weather was beautiful. We furthered our backyard bird study with visiting chickadees. They are nesting in some new birdhouses grandma made and hung, and frequenting another feeder we attached to the window. We explored types of bark and cut wood, read devotionals of stewardship of God's Earth, tree stories and went on an adventure through the back stream and woods. We also checked on and charted the plant growth for our seed starters for our family garden. We spent the late afternoon with our classic literature read aloud outside in the wonderful fresh air.


The blessing to help again with Feed My Starving Children. In just 2 hours, we helped pack well over 40,000 meals. Enough food to feed 112 people for an entire year! Hallelujah!! Such a great organization and ministry.

Added gifts to our week...
The ability to feed our children three square meals a day. I am continually humbled by this blessing, and never more so than when we are serving developing countries from malnutrition and starvation. Lord, help my heart to stay humble and grateful for each way and day that we can provide our babes with nourishment, by Your hand. Help us to stay faithfully dedicated in prayer and action to those who are hungry. What You have given us, may we give to others.

God, You Are a Father to the Fatherless, Defender of the weak. Not only do we thank You for the Father You Are, but we thank You for the good fathers you send to fight for the good. Fathers matter. Thank You, for the blessing and importance of fatherhood. Amen.

Continuing also, in the week ahead, our prayers for Nepal. And the people of Laos. Go to where we can't reach, Lord, and bring healing and safety. In Christ.

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