Monday, April 20, 2015

Week in Review: Michigan Homeschool Freedom

Highlights from our home learning last week:
Not an exhaustive list of all the learning and living and character building we experienced last week, but a glimpse into the blessings and freedoms we enjoy through our choices and sacrifices as a home education family.


Shel Silverstein, Egypt and simple machine studies, bike riding the trail, snake finding, cloud watching, and kite flying.


Counting by the dozens with our backyard chicken eggs, spelling, and the afternoon exploring the nature center with dear friends. We found so many snakes, hundreds of mating frogs, new insects and more.


A spider in the tub led our science studies before we headed out to host a Curriculum Discussion Day at our co-op building where the kids free played with friends while moms shared resources and ideas. Our kids joined friends for church and spent the night at their house for the night, while my husband and I had a mid-week date time. Such a blessing!


Picked the kids up mid-day from their sleepover and got naps in before heading to Cadets for my son, and American Heritage Girls for my daughter.


After morning chores and school, dad came home early from work and we went to join some friends for open swim as a family in the next town over. It was so relaxing and wonderful. Yay, SWIMMING!


Sabbath day with family. Fishing, home worship, backyard bonfire.

Continuing to count the many blessings of our homeschool journey, day by day, week by week, year by wonderful year. God Is Good!

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