Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Color your clothes! Tie-Dye and other wearable art

Wearable art is fun for all ages! This color-yourself Disney shirt featuring my daughter's favorite mermaid was definitely worth the $8 at K-Mart, because you can wash it and color it again and again! And you can use your own crayons! I was skeptical at first whether it would wash and work again, but it does.

Want something more groovy? Don't forget how much fun it is to tie-dye! We did it recently at our homeschool co-op and it was a blast! I had the kids line up after they tied up their shirts, socks, pillowcases and washclothes with rubber bands for the designs, then with plastic gloves I dipped both sides of their stuff in big buckets of fabric dye. I had 3 more buckets just filled with hot water for rinsing and with the help of the other moms we got an assembly line going. It was a day to remember!

Here's how my daughter's shirt turned out! We also did a washcloth and one of daddy's old stinky socks, too. :)

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