Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day Extravaganza!

We're having fun with President's Day and Washington's Birthday this week in our homeschool by celebrating and learning about George and Abe. We made powdered wigs out of paper bags, cotton balls and baby powder and we made Abe Lincoln hats out of large black construction paper. Books from the library included Scholastic's "George Washington, America's First President" by Justin MCory Martin and "George Washington, A Picture Book Biography" by James Cross Giblin. The two we got for Mr. Lincoln were my favorites, which were "Abe Lincoln, The Boy Who Loved Books" by Kay Winters and "Abe Lincoln's Hat" by Martha Brenner. (Did you know Lincoln kept important papers and letters in his hat?)

Aside from coloring pages and various activities, another cool thing I did as we talked about the ways we honor and remember the Presidents with coins, etc. was I printed out a cut-out of the front of the quarter with Washington, had my kindergartner color and glue it to the back of a paper plate. Then printed out 25 penny cutouts with Lincoln and had her count them out and glue them to the front of the paper plate to practice how many pennies equal a quarter to make 25-cents. Then the kids stacked the real coins on the opposing sides of the plate (real pennies on the paper quarter side, real quarter on the paper pennies side.) It was a lot of fun and gave great money, counting and placement practice.

Tomorrow we're making a Lincoln log cabin out of either popsicle sticks or pretzels, and we'll be cooking a banana cake to celebrate Washington's birthday. God Bless the USA!

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