Sunday, September 25, 2011

Buzzin' with Bees

We enjoyed a small study on bees last week, with a fantastic field trip to a local Apiary to learn all about honey bees and honey making!

The moms at my daughter's monthly kindergarten workshop led an awesome craft last Monday, where the kids made these adorable bee jars out of baby food jars and black electric tape. So cute!! Great timing for us.

We made a "Bee Book" (our own homemade Lap book) and filled it with bee facts, vocabulary words and plenty of hexagon shapes for the honeycombs. We learned all about how bees dance to communicate, the pollen baskets on their back legs and why the cells in their hive are shaped like hexagons instead of circles so they don't waste any space.

Field Trip!

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Fun Bee Song :)

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