Sunday, September 18, 2011

TRUE Home Economics

Home education moves to the rhythm of a home, not a school. One beautiful thing about homeschooling that I never realized when I chose this journey is, my children will learn, first-hand, TRUE Home Economics. They won't be in an awkward classroom to learn how to mend a fake tear in a square of fabric no one will ever see or use. They'll be at home. With torn pants from soccer practice. They will learn to cook. And to eat food they grow. They'll be part of the rhythm of our home... and that includes household duties.
Now that my oldest is turning 5, she is getting more responsibilities on her chore chart. Her list is growing beyond feeding the dog and making her bed. We are all enjoying the sway of keeping house and working together. Grandma recently taught her how to rinse dishes well and help with the vacuuming.
Beyond the three R's, beyond science and history... true home ec-- with chores, budgets and responsibilities, with pride in home and stewardship-- is a welcome subject in our school.

Proverbs 22:6

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