Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Archaeology Adventures

We've spent the last month exploring archaeology as we start our Story of the World history studies. It's a topic my mom has always loved (see their fun treasure history hunts in my post Treasure Hunting, Archaeology and Unearthing Fun Discoveries for more ideas and links).
Along with library books and fun kits that we shared with friends where the kids dug out dinosaur skeletons (a separate day at a friend's house) and crystals from plaster bricks, we also had a really fun "Archaeology Dig Day" with friends in the backyard. I dug out an area of the yard where we will be expanding our veggie garden next year, and pre-buried coins, paperclips, giant dog bones, dinosaur skeletons, another store-bought brick to excavate, toys, etc. and the kids sifted, shoveled, strained, and raked through to find it all. It took them hours to do, complete with hats and dinosaur chicken nuggets to snack on. What fun!!

Here, too, is an episode of Magic School Bus on Archaeology and how it tells the story of life in the past. And here's a link to a kids archaeology magazine called, Dig!
Here is a really fun They Might be Giants song and video called, "I Am a Paleontologist."
I also just got in the mail an awesome kid's Bible study book I ordered from Answers in Genesis, called, "Digging up the Past." They study chapters of Genesis through the adventures of junior archaeologists, it fits in so perfectly with what we're doing and the Egypt studies we'll be continuing through September. I love when things fall into place like that.
Next month, we'll be visiting the Indianapolis Children's Museum where they have an Egypt exhibit and an awesome archaeology exhibit created by National Geographic just for kids! It's sure to be one of the best field trips ever. SO EXCITED!!

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