Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Voting gives us a Voice

"Do we leave our vote there, mama? Who comes to get it?"

"How does our vote get to the people at the White House?"

"Can I vote, too?"

These are just a few of the many questions my 5-year-old has been asking lately as we prepare for the Michigan primary vote. I've got a fun post about Presidents coming up later this week, but seeing as how today is voting day, here are some great links specifically about voting, elections and our leaders.

Prayer for our Leaders Coloring Page (LOVE this!)

The Democracy Project (fantastic resource and the "step inside the voting booth" tab is wonderful, too)

Electing a President (simple, straight to the point, clear explanations, followed by great activities) :)

Election Day Worksheets

A to Z Teacher: Election Theme

And of course we love the book, "Duck for President" (the charter on-demand read-aloud narrated video is much better than this version, but this will do if you don't have the book yet)

Teaching Civics with Children's Literature: Duck for President

Duck for President activities

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