Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hot Chocolate Lessons

Sometimes, you need to have hot chocolate just-for-the-heck-of-it. Making hot chocolate memories through the simple act of drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter's day or returning inside from playing and sledding in the snow is a childhood rite of passage! So, while you need nothing more than to simply drink and enjoy hot chocolate, here are some ideas and resources if you felt like turning one of many cocoa days into something a little more.

Winter Time Poem
by Mary Ryer
Icy fingers, icy toes,
Bright red cheeks and bright red nose.
Watch the snowflakes as they fall,
Try so hard to count them all.
Build a snowman way up high,
See if he can touch the sky.
Snow forts, snowballs, angels, too,
In the snow, so white and new.
Slip and slide and skate so fast.
Wintertime is here at last.

Story Problems
You have ______ marshmallows in your hot cocoa. You add ______ more. Now how many marshmallows are in your hot cocoa?

Caleb had ______marshmallows in his hot cocoa. ______ melted away. Now how many marshmallows are left in Caleb's hot cocoa?

You have ______ cups of hot cocoa in a teapot. If you share the cocoa with ______ friends, how many cups will be left?

Unit Study Links
This website is awesome, and here's an extensive, free unit study on Chocolate for a wide grade range, check it out! http://www.homeschoolshare.com/chocolate.php

And this one is fantastic, too! http://mrsmcgowan.com/projects/chocolate/resources.html

Now is here --
A fine new start
For a whole new year.
The snow comes down
In the dark of night.
When we awake
The world is white.
In January
When there's snow,
We get our sleds
And away we go.

Here's a link to a cool video for making your own homemade marshmallows! We haven't done it yet, but it looks like fun!

To see more weather studies we do, see my post, Weather Wheel.

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