Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hot Glue Art

My mom never ceases to amaze me with her intricate art hobbies, whether it's self-teaching herself woodworking and wood-burning, or painting beautiful scenery on small rocks with a toothpick, she's got a patience and talent I could never imagine. It's worth noting that her confidence in what she creates is surprisingly non-existent, she was told in school she was no good at art and received poor grades in things she had poured her heart into, because they didn't look like they were "supposed to", (such a travesty--art is such a relative and abstract thing, makes me feel like hunting down her old elementary teachers!) so the majority of her life she never even attempted anything creative or artistic. Now when she explores artistic hobbies, she proclaims her creations foolish and silly, just something to pass the time during the wee hours of her morning coffee, etc.
Her latest invention is so neat, I just had to share. I'll bet you think it's as cool and interesting as I do!

Hot Glue Art

She has created scenes out of dried hot glue on Popsicle sticks that she painted with toothpicks. Using a hot glue gun, she would experiment with the pressure and hang it upside down, blow on it quickly to dry, clipping off any access strings of the glue (or using the access strings of glue as the branches of trees). Then she delicately paints the glue with the end of a toothpick. Much to the delight of my kids, when she brought over these various snow scenes she made up stories to go along with them, including one about Daniel Boone--what a great way to incorporate an art project into a history lesson, creating scenes to accompany what you are learning about!

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