Saturday, November 20, 2010

Children's Books on Homeschooling

I really can't say enough good things about "I am Learning All the Time" by Rain Perry Fordyce. This book is a golden gem! The lovable main character, Hugh, is five-years-old and just learning what it means to be a homeschooling family. This beautifully illustrated tale delightfully reflects on the similarities and differences between the way children learn both in a homeschool setting and in a public school setting, reflecting neither in a negative light, simply exploring the ways people learn and have fun both in public and home schools. It would make a wonderful read for any family and I truly can't recommend it enough. Wish every library carried copies for it to be shared with one and all. Order a copy at Homeschool Adventure Books (where you will also find free coloring pages to accompany it!).

"Kandoo Kangaroo Hops into Homeschool" by Susan Ratner is a charming children's book on homeschooling, too. This one is faith-related and follows a little Kangaroo girl as she hops into the world of homeschooling.

Both books mention homeschool group picnics, which I found especially neat since our homeschool group does those too, a Family Picnic to start the summer and another "Not-Back-to-School" Field Day Family Picnic before the start of September. Fun times!! Here are some pictures of us enjoying those this year, complete with my husband and another dad from the group dressed as the Homeschool Crayon Dads! :)

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