Sunday, November 7, 2010

Princess Ballerina Tea Party

My daughter turned four years old this weekend. We threw her a Princess Ballerina Tea Party for her birthday and it was so much fun! I absolutely love throwing parties and finding deals to make it the most cost effective as possible, which made it a blast for me to plan and prep. We had to keep things small, so we had a limited guest list, but with the help of the dollar store, materials I had on hand from scrapbooking, everyday tea party/princess play, our wedding 6 years ago, and a deal on the cake, I was able to throw together this wonderful shin-dig for 8 girls including my daughter for $20! Here's a glimpse of the fun...

I wrapped tulle around the bottom backs of the chairs to make them look like tutus!

I also wrapped tulle and ribbon around small bubble bottles to turn them into ballerina bubbles.

Each place setting was complete with the girls' names, bubbles, a small "glass" slipper, a box of princess crayons, and individual tiaras with small princess jewelry boxes that had rings and earrings inside for each girl to dress up with during the tea party. They all delighted in having their own jewelry to wear during tea time, it was a big hit. I printed off various ballerina and princess coloring pages and games for each girl to color and we also did a Jewel-by-number tiara craft.

My daughter requested blueberry tea, and along with that we served princess toast shaped like slippers and crowns spread with strawberry cream cheese. We also served blueberries and strawberries. My husband wore a crushed velvet suit and played "Mr. Butler", serving the girls tea, honey and cake which was topped with a Barbie Princess Ballerina.

My son had his pick of the ladies and boasted a Burger King crown as the only Prince present.

Next it was time for some free play dancing, gift opening and party wrap-up.

During the group picture in my daughter's room, I didn't notice until after I took the picture how my own little princess in the middle was frowning so sadly...turns out she was trying not to cry because she wanted to dance with her brother instead of take the picture. I'll tell ya, life can be tough for 4-year-old princess ballerinas... but I suppose it was her party, and she could cry if she wanted to! ;)

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