Monday, November 29, 2010

Win a $40 gift card to Minds in Motion Toy Store!!

Just in time for the holidays!! Minds in Motion is an independently owned & operated specialty toy store in Grand Rapids, with carefully chosen, educational and fun toys.
All this week, I'm offering a great promotion where you can enter to win a $40 gift card to this amazing store just for getting a friend to "like" my To Every Purpose Facebook page!! From today until this Saturday, December 4, at midnight. You can enter as many times as you want, once for every friend you get to "like" my fb page, then comment on my wall who you had join (they have to actually add it) and I'll take all the names from the comments and randomly select a winner. This is an amazing opportunity for free, beautifully constructed, educational toys for Christmas, don't miss out! If you haven't yet joined To Every Purpose on facebook, here's a perfect chance for you and a friend to stay up to date on my latest entries plus other links and resources I share!


  1. I gave up FB for Advent and missed your initial post. I just read your email this morning, darn it.

    I'm so glad we met last night. I feel very blessed (and validated) to continue to meet other homeschoolers in the area. We need each other!

    Let's get together soon - well, after Christmas...I'm pulling my hair out this month :).


  2. Kristin, it was so nice to meet you, too! I feel the same way. I'd love to get together after Christmas. In fact, yesterday I was trying to figure out where the best half-way point would be for us to meet and encourage each other on a more regular basis. :) We'll be in touch. Our group has monthly Mom Times at a local coffee shop where we gather without kids to catch up, sometimes we have themes to them, and I was thinking the next one we do I would love to have the question be, "what are you struggling with in homeschooling right now?" whether it's a lack of support from extended family and neighbors, to tackling a certain subject, I think a lot of us out there could use a gathering for this specific encouragement... I'm just trying to figure out where a good central location for this would be, because I'd like to include some of my grand rapids homeschool friends (like you) as well.

  3. Sarah,
    I am in the process of organizing a group shopping night! It is possibly going to be Thursday Dec. 16th, in the eve. I will be confirming soon, with the location. Just thought I would let you know! Sad I missed the contest, but I "like" you and always have anyways ;-)