Monday, November 15, 2010

Raisin Box Bugs

My 4-year-old was creatively resourceful when she didn't feel like walking her raisin box to the trash today. The excuse she gave me for leaving it on the table, "um, but I can make it into, um, a little finger puppet later," was such a cute idea I decided to follow through and make it our afternoon craft project.
It was simple and fun, what better way to turn snack time into craft time?

Cover the raisin box with construction paper and glue on various pipe-cleaner, googly eyes, puff balls and feathers to create your own little Raisin Box Bugs for plenty of finger puppet fun.


  1. love it!!! what a cute idea, my kids will love this! thanks for sharing:)

  2. Came over from the homeschool channel on FB! Cute blog and great ideas for the little guys. Hope you continue to enjoy your homeschool journey!