Saturday, November 20, 2010

My new favorite book :)

Sue Maakstad hits it right on in her inspiring book, "Home Sweet Homeschool, A Survivor's Guide to Giving Your Kids a Quality Education." I happened across it recently through a library search engine and with all the scores and scores of homeschool books I've read over the last two years, this one is in my top 3 all-time favorites. Her writing style is refreshing, humorous and incredibly uplifting. I've found myself cracking up laughing. Even after just one year of homeschooling, I can completely relate to it!! She also shares hilarious antics from the advice her older, married daughter seeks from her as she begins her own homeschool journey with her kids, which is delightful to anyone just starting out. Here are just a few examples from the first 50 pages that have leaped off the paper and into my heart with a smile:
Page 30: "Days like these make me wonder if I can muster enough collective brain cells and achieve a sufficient level of peace amid the pandemonium to conduct some sort of teaching, let alone impart pedagogical wisdom. My married daughter came over the other day to tap into what she thought was left of it. 'Hi, Mom. Hey, I just came over to roast some chilies. While I'm doing that, can you teach me real quick how to homeschool the kids?'
Oh, yeah, right, sure. No sweat!"

Page 26: "One of my married daughters, Dina, the eldest, called the other day in a moment of homeschool desperation... 'Mom! I just can't do this,' Dina said.
'Really? That's great!' I said. 'You're in a fabulous position. Because when we reach the end of ourselves, we're ready to give it to God and see him move.'"

Page 48: "Remember, homeschooling isn't all about you and what you perceive as your deficiencies, pedagogical or otherwise. Homeschool is all about you recognizing and accepting all your deficiencies and then trusting God to help you in spite of yourself."

Page 51: "We're talking about your children; nothing is too much to ask. When it comes to knowing your kids, you need look no further than the mirror for the best. You want a specialist? You're it. You've known this kid from the first wiggle in the womb. You two were in sync way before the first diaper."

And the inspiration goes on and on! The chapters are also filled with uplifting scripture marked "Lifesavers" that I'll be sure to reference again and again. Hats off to Mrs. Maakestad and her family for being awesome vessels for God to work through as an inspiration to others taking the journey of Homeschooling!

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